Evil Robots Will Kill Us All, I hope

My biggest fear of a Trump presidency is climate change.  I’m no scientist, but I do understand odds and risk.  During the Cold War no one was willing to fire the first shot in a nuclear war, because the potential damage from it could lead to a world where no one can survive.  We understood that the potential risk simply wasn’t worth it.  We went to the brink many times, but never over it.  Climate change, on the other hand, we don’t seem to have the same risk analysis.  Trump genuinely seems to believe that climate change is not a risk at all, and hence requires no prevention, and he ignores the worst case scenario.  Just so we’re clear, the worst case scenario for climate change is a world where humans can’t survive.  So we need evil robots as soon as possible.

People are working on artificial intelligence right now, and a lot of smart people are warning us that it could lead to computers who’s value don’t align with ours.  If that’s the case then those computers could potentially walk right over us on their way to their goals.  Once those computers achieve those goals, then that’s it.  We’re done, and nothing will replace us.  Evil robots, though, that genuinely want all humans dead, will do anything in their power to replace us.  We will have created a species capable of replacing us and living on the husk of the world we may be building.  Isn’t it the dream of every parent for their child to surpass them?  Well, this is that idea on a species-wide basis.

Yes, this is where the prospect of a Trump presidency has put my head.  I’m looking towards the Terminator franchise as the lesser of two evils.  At least the robots there seemed to have their act together.


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