The Conservative Obama?

Barack Obama won the presidency on a platform of change.  Big whoop.  Every politician promises change.  His presidency, however, wasn’t the massive change the most liberal part of the country wanted.  I would say his presidency was moderately successful.  I’m not blaming him for that.  There are countless reasons he couldn’t get every liberal idea passed; he did what he could.  Liberals learned that change is hard, and a presidential administration is far larger than any one person.  Conservatives are about to learn the same.

Trump won largely on a platform of “drain the swamp.”  Get rid of the worst parts of the government and put in good, practical change that everyone knows is the right thing to do.  But so far his transition team is a group of Washington insiders. He’s got bank CEO’s in line to be in charge of our nation’s finances.  He’s got Sarah Palin in line to be Secretary of the Interior.  There are lobbyists and career politicians at every part of his developing administration, except the very top.  With all the voices speaking to him, repeating the same republican talking points that we’ve been hearing for decades, what else could we expect other than more of the same?  I’m not saying that tax cuts and deregulation are necessarily a bad thing, but they’ve been tried before, many times, and the results are pretty predictable.  Less money for the government, and less protection for American citizens.

I’m not saying that having insiders run the government is a bad thing.  Governing is complicated.  It takes years to figure out how to do it.  Getting only newbies involved is going to lead to unintended results.  But he campaigned on change, and he’s putting people in charge who’ve been doing the same thing for years.  Why would they do things differently?

So here are a few predictions for Trump’s presidency.  No wall.  No criminal charges for the Clinton’s.  More tax cuts that don’t create the 4% growth he claims will happen.  More unemployment.  A recession that drives the deficit into records democrats could never hope to reach.  Change is hard.  And it’s impossible if the same people are in charge.  Get used to disappointments, conservatives.  After 4 or 8 years of Trump, we can probably expect the same country as the last time republicans were in charge.  It wasn’t great.


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