The Liberal Case for Trump, part 2

So once again let’s delve into the psychology of a man few understand and try to predict the reaction of a group so diverse no one word can cover them all, except the word Americans.  Is there any other reason Trump may be good for liberals?

Trump wasn’t consistent on a lot of things.  He’s going to build a wall.  And that’s about it.  Other than that, he was only consistent in his inconsistency.  He would change his mind from day to day, sometimes it seemed like even in the same speech.  Ban all Muslims?  Just the ones from Syria?  Extreme vetting (whatever that is)?  You can take that as a man who has no idea what he believes, or a man trying to figure out what the voters want to hear.  In either case, this would be a death sentence for nearly any other politician.  John Kerry largely lost due to his reputation, deserved or otherwise, as a flip-flopper.  But Trump is different.  His supporters don’t seem to care that he changes his mind as often as he changes his ill-fitting suits.

There’s an old Vulcan proverb, “Only Nixon could go to China.”  Only someone with conservative credentials could do something incredibly liberal, such as negotiate with enemies.  Lyndon Johnson could never have gotten away with that.  Trump could suddenly say we’re going with Medicare for All, and he might have the clout to get republicans behind him.

We know Trump is capable of changing his mind.  He changed it on abortion, on the Iraq war, on his many wives.  If he can be convinced that normally liberal ideas are a good thing, then he might be able to get the political will to get it done.  So let’s let him know.  The protests could be a good thing in this regard.  Trump will hear the loudest voices.  If those voices are saying we want environmental protections and a healthy social safety net, he might do it.  C’mon liberals, what do we have to lose?


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