Advice for Trump

Dear president-elect Trump,

Right up front, I feel I must say that I voted for Clinton.  So take my advice with a grain of salt.

First, I need to point out the enormity of the job you are undertaking.  You are coming into the highest political office in the land with a huge disadvantage.  You’ve never done any job like this.  There is no training program to be president, no certifications you can get.  You are coming in as close to a blank slate as we have ever had.  Your supporters believe this is a good thing.  That we need new blood in the white house.  That may be true, but I think you understand that this is also a disadvantage.

Second, I must point out that you lost the popular vote.  The majority of Americans chose Hillary Clinton as their voice, their representative, and leader.

Third, you have gone on the record, and I truly believe, that you want to be a uniting force.  The cynic in me sometimes believes that it only means you will be a common enemy for liberals to rally against, but the rest of me thinks that you want to do things that will be supported by all, and will benefit us all.

Taking those things together, I believe you have a clear and important thing you need to do.  Make Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama your advisors.  Hillary Clinton will give you the input of more than half the country.  She will give you cover for when you make decisions that you know will anger the liberal part of the country.  You don’t need to take her advice, you don’t need to give her any legal power.  You can do this even if she is investigated by your justice department.  You just have to listen.  Barack Obama can guide you through what our world looks like to someone with the highest vantage point.  He has seen the pitfalls, and has stepped in some of them.  He can help you avoid them.  He too can give you political cover, and will let you hear the voice of those that you now represent, but whose vote you did not receive.  He is also far more popular than you right now.  He can help you see why, and help raise you up to that point.

President-elect Trump, you have run large companies and I’m sure that you know the decisions you make can only be as good as the advice you get.  Please make sure you are getting advice from as many sources as possible, especially when you have two sources just begging to give you all the help they can.  We are all in this together.


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