Is Trump the Worst?

I forget where, but I recall hearing that if you see a headline in the form of a question, the answer is almost always, “No.”  Yup, that’s the case here.

Let’s rewind the clock back a bit.  Let’s say that Trump had never run for the republican primary.  Who would have won?  We can never know for sure, so I’m going to be it was the guy who came in second.  Ted Cruz.  Sure, maybe Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush may have had a chance, but I have no data to base that on.  Ted Cruz got the second most number of votes.  So we’ll go with him.  Clinton still would have won her primary, and the election would have been between the two of them.

Clinton still might have lost.  Cruz would have played toward’s our fears, which is a high hurdle to overcome.  So we’d be getting ready to say President Cruz.  Now, granted, he has more experience than Trump, but it isn’t great.  He was the one who wanted to shutdown the government umpteen times.  He advocated for defaulting on our national debt.  He has had no history of changing his mind, or ever taking any liberal positions.  In short, he would be worse than Trump.

There’s another possibility.  What if Trump had run as a democrat?  It’s easy to imagine.  He could basically have kept all the same positions.  If he had, Hillary Clinton would have lost the primary and the election would have come down to Cruz and Trump.  Two old white(ish) men, just like almost every time before.  Hillary Clinton put a lot of cracks in the glass ceiling.  That has value, even if you didn’t like her positions you have to respect the fact that we, as a country, seriously considered a woman for the highest office in the land.

So, from a Clinton supporter and a lifelong liberal, I have to say I take some solace from the fact that the process and result of the 2016 election was this simple fact: it could be worse.


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