And Now the Bad News

Most of my posts have had a pretty optimistic tone.  That may lead some to believe that I think Trump’s presidency will be successful.  I don’t.  I’m not even convinced he’ll finish his first year.

The presidency is a job like no other.  You can’t train for it.  There is no college degree in being president.  You can’t write a thesis on it.  The only people who have an idea about the actual reality that job are the people who have done it.  The fact that no former president endorsed Trump scares me quite a lot.  And if Trump does all the things he’s been saying he’s going to do, then the world will be a worse off place than it is now.  Pulling us out of the Paris treaty about climate change, encouraging more fossil fuel production, leaving our allie’s in the lurch, and encouraging other countries to develop nuclear weapons can only have disastrous results.  Some have observed that we have survived bad times before, but I counter that not all of us have.

Looking back a few years into the past to the year 2000, some people ambivalent about Gore might have said that Bush won’t be that bad.  Ignoring his disastrous tax cuts and the fact that he oversaw the worst terrorist attack on the US ever, he ultimately made the decision to go to war in Iraq.  A decision that in retrospect was actively wrong.  How many lives were ruined by that?  How many American soldiers came back crippled, with life threatening mental problems, or just didn’t come back at all?  The destruction of Hussein’s regime paved the way for ISIS, and destabilized an already unstable region.  People died as a result of that decision.  People are still dying, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  Sure, the wealthy, comfortable people survived, as they usually do.  But the poor, the unlucky, and the gullible suffered for all of us.  I don’t think anyone seriously believes that Gore would have made the same mistake.  He probably would have made others, but I doubt so many people would have died as a result of those.

Decisions a president makes have real life consequences.  I fully expect Trump to make decisions that will doom thousands in a best case scenario.  My main solace comes from the fact that I truly believe this is not the worst situation.  A Cruz presidency would be a nightmare.  A Clinton or Sanders presidency with a republican congress would be a nightmare.  This situation we find ourselves in could be worse, and there is a slight possible chance it could turn out well.  But don’t think that I’m a fan of his.  I just try to see the world with as few blinders as possible.


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