Leave the Protestors Alone!

Short one today.  I just want to point out that I don’t know whether or not the protestors are a good thing or not.  If they are the leading edge of a movement that will temper the worst of Trump’s policies than I support them fully, but they may just peter out and do nothing.  It’s too early to tell.  What I can say, though, is their level of previous engagement isn’t overly important.

In short, the protestors are getting some flak because not all of them voted.  Ignoring the fact that the methodology used to figure this out is sketchy at best, even if it is true it only means the protestors are acting rationally.  So far, all the protests have been in blue states.  Not just blue states, but states so blue there was basically no chance of them ever voting for Trump, regardless of what any one of these protestors did.  Sure, maybe some of the protestors have no political engagement and are only shouting in the street because they like doing so, but it’s more likely they understand that the Electoral College guarantees the fact that there was little point in their voting in a blue state, and they can’t vote in a red one.

If the protests were popping up in swing states that would be one thing.  But I’m not aware of any in Florida, Ohio, or any other the other states that we focus on.  The nature of our elections mean some votes matter more than others.  We like to believe in the principal of one person one vote, but that simply isn’t how it works.  The protestors are making sure their voices are heard in the best way they know how.  That isn’t necessarily voting.


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