Trump’s Racist Cabinet, part 2

So the breaking news of the day is that Trump has selected Governor Nikki Haley as his ambassador to the UN.  That makes his first woman officially selected, and his first non-sycophant.  And it signals that what I was hoping for might start happening.

Haley is an interesting character.  I remember her in the national news when she took down the Confederate battle flag, something I didn’t believe would ever happen in South Carolina.  She was a bit of a Tea Party star, but as far as I can tell seems to not have alienated her opposition.  And she never really endorsed Trump.  And all reports agree, she is a woman.  True, she has no foreign policy experience, nor experience working with the absurd beauracracy that is the UN, but I’m honestly not sure if that’s a fault or a plus on her side.

So this is a wonderful contradiction of the narrative of Trump being a misogynist.  This isn’t going to settle his democratic detractors, but it’s probably going to go a ways towards settling republican women who only voted for him because the alternative was horrifying towards them.  This is telling us a little about Trump’s current strategy.

I do truly believe that he wants to unite the country, if only to stroke his own ego.  His first step seems to be to unite his own party.  His cabinet picks are all people from the south and midwest, a nice balance to his own New York background.  He’s getting people from different factions within his party.  There are even plausible rumors that he’s seriously talking to Mitt Romney for a high ranking post.  The man who was, by far, his biggest republican detractor.  The man who lots of people wanted to run a third time because they genuinely thought he was the best candidate.  He even kicked legendary suck up Christie off his team, possibly for his political baggage, and possibly because he’s too similar a character to himself.  He’s going for diversity.  The republican version of diversity, sure, but diversity nonetheless.

Now, I don’t think people will disagree with me when I say Trump is a narcissist. I think in order to run for president at all you need an ego so far out of control your only hope is electroconvulsive therapy.  But being a narcissist isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  If that means Trump is going to try to please as many people as possible then, sooner or later, he’ll have to reach out to democrats.  Ironically, Trump’s bizarre mental state may push him to be a unifying force.


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