This is Amazing

Not to get too personal here, but this blog was started as an exercise more than anything else.  I had some things to say, and I figured this was as good a place as any, but the real goal was simply to train myself to start writing every day so I would be better positioned to work on my real passion, science fiction.  I told myself I would do this until Trump became boring, then start writing fiction. At this rate, that will happen shortly after I die.

The most significant things to me that happened yesterday are two-fold.  First, a republican electoral college member, called an elector, published a piece in the new york times stating he was not going to cast his electoral vote for Trump, and detailed why.  Honestly, it was reasonably compelling.  And if you truly believe in trying to live up to the standards and ideals of the founding fathers, then you have to be good with his decision.  They specifically rejected electing the president via popular vote, and gave outsized power to the electoral college instead, so this man has the right to choose whoever he wants.  It also very slightly raised the possibility of Hillary Clinton being our 45th president.  Before that article, I would have put her chance at .1%.  Now I would put it closer to 1%.  Still a tiny chance, but it makes the coming electoral vote far more than official recognition of a situation that already exists.  There will be some drama.  I’m not aware of any historical examples of something like that happening, and certainly nothing in the modern era.  Amazing.

The other amazing that happened is Trump met with Al Gore.  From what I can gather, Gore was originally scheduled to meet with Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, a woman who is going to make global warming her pet cause.  A situation that in and of itself is amazing as Trump still apparently thinks global warming is a Chinese hoax.  Can’t trust those thermometers and their Chinese agenda, apparently.  But instead of meeting with Ivanka, or in addition to it, Trump sought out and met with Al Gore, and according to Gore, discussed areas of agreement there.  He seemed positive in his post-meeting remarks.  This is also amazing.

There are conservative arguments to be made that Trump cannot serve as president.  That, in addition to his temperament and lack of experience, his business interests make him beholden to foreign interests, a case specifically rejected by the men who wrote our founding documents.  I neither know nor care if those arguments are true.  I care far more about the current situation we have to deal with, and the climate is an enormous part of it.  So while he appears to be coming to a more rational, reasoned place in regards to one of my biggest concerns, his chance of being president is also slightly dropping.  Irony, thy name is Trump.


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