Our Last Hours

These are the last few hours the US has existed without a President Trump.  I know I keep saying that I’m going to wind this blog down, but I just can’t help myself.  I want to explore a few more of Trump’s techniques while they still don’t matter.

So Trump is coming into office with the worst approval rating ever.  Ever.  He beats Obama, Bush 43, everyone.  His response?  To say the polls are rigged.  Pretty clever.  The polls had him lose the election before he won it.  But during the primary he made sure to shout from the mountain tops how much better he was polling than his opponents.  This is a classic technique he uses.  Redefine success until it’s something you’ve already achieved.  If you no longer achieve it, then redefine it again.  In another era, we would have called it, “Sour Grapes.”

Another technique is to disregard anything with no concrete consequences.  He’s already setting up a massively unethical presidency by giving control of his businesses to his sons, an idea that makes a mockery of the term, “blind trust.”  He’s already gone back on at least one campaign promise by refusing to investigate Hillary Clinton.  And recent comments about Mexico paying for the wall included the idea that them paying for it won’t take the form of a payment.  He’s badgered China about their relationship with Taiwan.  He’s blamed the DNC for being the victims of Russian hacking.  He can do this because it doesn’t matter.  After someone has won the presidency you can’t make them less of a president.  Their power is exactly the same unless he is impeached, something he knows there is no chance of happening, as unethical and illegal mean different things.  That gives him a confidence that is useful in and of itself.

Finally, he concentrates on the things that he actually cares about and doesn’t even bother giving lip service to anything else.  He has already started campaigning for the 2020 election.  He’s revealed his campaign slogan and everything.  “Keep American Great.”  He isn’t even bothering to find out whether or not America will be great after his term.  He knows it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is winning the contest he cares about.

So three more techniques he uses, that honestly can be useful in an ordinary citizen’s day to day life.  Call sour grapes when you’ve lost something you’ve had.  Ignore things with no consequence.  Focus on the contests that matter to you, regardless of other people’s goals.  Sure, that will put you squarely in the camp of most sociopaths, but you’ll probably achieve your goals.  And god help us all when you do.


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