Alternative Facts

Now that the inauguration has come and gone, the counter inauguration protests have ended, and the women’s protests have ended it’s worth looking at the state of where things stand.

Trump’s press secretary famously gave a brief press conference where he stated that the crowds were much bigger than the media was saying.  Naturally, anyone with working eyes immediately went to the many pictures, the public transportation stats, and details of previous inaugurations to argue that.  To get a little perspective on this argument, though, I spent my day on pro-Trump message boards to see what Trump supporters were saying.  To my utter lack of surprise, one of the most common themes was that, by looking at time stamps on the pictures, they proved that Trump’s inauguration was at least as large as Obama’s, if not bigger.  So think about what that means if you’re a Trump fan.  The media is saying one thing.  Your president’s press secretary is saying another, and online it’s easy to find information that matches what your sources say.  How do you think you’ll respond?  It’s easy to imagine that you’ll disregard anything that mainstream sources say.  To you, the fact that Trump’s inauguration was bigger than Obama’s is the fact, and what the mainstream media is saying is the alternative.

I took a lot of satisfaction from the enormous size of the women’s marches.  Not just the one in DC, but all over the country, and indeed entire world.  But we shouldn’t delude ourselves that just because there is a huge number of passionate voices fighting what Trump stands for, we are automatically going to win.  Unless we exercise real power, those that disagree will simply ignore us.  So, as cliche as it sounds, protesting isn’t enough.  Call your congress people.  Mark you calendar to vote in 2018.  Vote with your dollars and engage conversation wherever you can make a difference.  We have the numbers.  We just need the actions now.


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