Trump’s America

So Trump has had a few days in office, and we’re getting an idea of what kind of president he’ll be.  So far, it’s pretty much the same guy as candidate Trump, who was the same guy as reality tv star Trump, who was the same guy as real estate developer Trump.  We should be noticing a pattern at this point.  He’s doing exactly what he said he would do.  End Obamacare.  Ban Muslims.  Build a wall.  Pull out of trade agreements.  Build more oil pipelines.  He campaigned on this stuff, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.  In addition to the concrete things he’s done, his attitude is largely the same as well.  He won the Electoral College, and lost the popular vote by an embarrassing margin.  So naturally he denies that he lost the popular vote.  His approval rating is historically low for a president at this point.  So naturally he claims the polls are rigged.  Let’s be clear.  If he had won the popular vote he would never be saying it was rigged.  Same with the polls.  He’d be shouting them from the mountain top if they portrayed him in a good light.  So we know what kind of president Trump will be.  Now we can look at the America he will help create.

So far, since the inauguration, we’ve see massive protests, international responses to his insanity, and statewide leaders stand up to him.  The protests are very interesting.  While there are a great deal of concrete demands, it’s just as much people standing up to someone they see as misogynist.  If the protestors can keep up this momentum then we can expect to see a great deal of political offices change party in the coming two years.  I would put money on the democrats increasing their numbers of governerships, state senate numbers, and potentially even House of Representative numbers.  

The international response is significant as well.  Trump signed an executive order banning organizations that receive US aid dollars from even discussing abortion with their patients.  So Denmark stepped up and started a 600 million dollar fund to make up the difference.  Trump is trying to build more pipelines.  And China is building record numbers of solar panels.  Trump will limit the number of immigrants.  Those immigrants will likely go to other countries instead.  He’s also pulled out of the trans Asia trade deal, which was designed to limit Chinese influence over the global economy.  In short, he is dismissing the US global role and relegating us to a small, regional power.  

Statewide leaders and city mayors are publicly standing up to Trump, stating they will continue to publish climate science and continue to create sanctuary cities.  If that trend continues, Trump will help diminish the power of the federal government within the US as well.  

So what kind of America is Trump creating?  So far, he appears to be creating an America that stands in opposition to everything he stands for.  That gives me a tiny, but strong, bit of hope to cling to.


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