Some More Predictions

Trump’s presidency is going to be fairly easy to predict.  Think of the most right-wing republican action, and Trump will do something a bit to the right of that.  The exception being Russia, where he will behave in ways that benefit them.  That’s easy.  What about his opponents?  What about the protestors?

His political opponents, the minority party in Congress, are a bit difficult to predict.  Historically, the democrats’ strategies have involved metaphorically rolling onto their bellies and exposing their vital organs to their enemies.  So I would probably except more of the same.  Rubber stamping Trump’s nominees for everything.  Not mounting any real fight against controversial legislation.  There’s a chance they may take a page from the republican playbook and fight at every step, doing everything in their power to delay and stop any governmental action whatsoever, but I doubt it.  Anything is possible at this point, though.

The protestors are a bit easier.  This is beginning to feel a bit like the protests of the late 60s and early 70s.  It’s safe to say that, like them, there will be some kind of orchestrated effort to portray them as violent, anti-American, or just plain wrong.  That was easier when there was only a few sources of news for most people.  Now, with all the various echo chambers we have access to, it will not be as effective.  But get ready to hear a lot about how the real danger to the republic is people exercising their rights to freedom of speech and assembly.  They won’t have a great deal of specific demands, because specific demands have specific ways of achieving them.  General demands are better suited to shouting in the street.

Laws passed limiting protests are pretty likely.  As the right wing echo chambers give more and more reasons to deny the protestors all of the republican lawmakers will have reasons to push through laws limiting the size of protests, the places.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if they managed to pass laws limiting planning protests via social media.

Those are the obvious ones.  A predictable Trump presidency.  A spineless minority party.  An orchestrated effort to portray the protests in a bad light.  Laws limiting protests and speech about protests.  We’ll see if I’m right.


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