The Purge

Now Flynn is out.  That’s right about on schedule.  After Trump won an early prediction I made is that somewhere between about 10 and 15% of his cabinet wouldn’t survive his first year.  I should have amended that.  I didn’t take into account the achingly slow confirmation process.  It won’t be the first year for Trump; it’ll be the first year of the individual on the job.  Flynn was an early hire.  It’s no surprise he was the first to go.

Trump’s favorite phrase is, “You’re fired.”  I never actually watched The Apprentice and I know that.  So it should come as no surprise that he’s going to see a lot of staff turnover.  I’m slightly surprised Flynn resigned before Trump could fire him.  I don’t imagine that will happen again.  As his approval numbers continue to search for their floor, and as scandal after scandal overwhelm the electorate, he will need sacrificial lambs.  His press secretary will probably be next.  Him or Conway.  This is good news.

I don’t make a lot of hiring and firing decisions at my job.  That gives me a certain distance from the process, and a certain objectivity.  It’s obvious when someone is a bad hire.  One of my biggest frustrations is seeing someone who clearly shouldn’t be in their role linger because it’s so hard to get rid of people.  Trump likes getting rid of people, and doing it when it’s convenient.  His revolving door of campaign managers is evidence of that.  This increases the chances of getting competent people into critical roles.  I’m not actually sure I want him surrounded by too many competent people.  The last thing I want is for Trump to actually enact his policies.  But maybe competent people can help mitigate the worst of his ideas.  Keep him on Twitter and out of the situation room.  He can Make SNL Great Again from there, and the adults can run things.


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