Trump’s Press Conference, and Small Predictions

Trump’s first press conference in some time was held yesterday.  It was odd.  Not the conference itself, which seemed to me like classic Trump, but everyone’s reaction to it.  Headlines referred to him and “unhinged,” “ranting,” “historic,” and other hyperbolic words that made it sound like he was drinking something hidden by a paper bag while journalists asked him questions.  There was really nothing new there.  The only thing we really learned was that Trump likes to campaign more than govern.  Trump is confirming this for us by scheduling a rally in Florida soon.  But even that isn’t particularly new information.  

How often did our last two presidents do things genuinely newsworthy?  I’m racking my brains and trying to remember, and I’d have to say it was probably around once a month.  Most of what came out of the previous two White Houses was pretty mundane stuff.  Historic decisions and reactions were rare.  Trump seems to have increased our appetite for news.  If we go a day without hearing something from him then we start to get antsy.  This is going to increase our expectations for Trump higher than they already are.  His supporters are expecting him to magically reduce the debt while simultaneously cutting taxes, building infrastructure, and getting health insurance for all.  His detractors are expecting it to come out he accepted a 20% cut of Russia’s oil business to make policies in their favor, as well as other massively corrupt plans.  Both groups will be disappointed.  His press conference is evidence for that.  

A few other quick predictions.  NASA will not land people on the moon or Mars during Trump’s tenure.  If anything their budget will be cut.  Private companies will get closer, but they won’t have any huge successes either.  We will not see a plan to replace Obamacare, or to rebuild infrastructure, or to overhaul the tax system, in the next month.  We will see more executive orders that sound impressive but don’t actually do anything.  More people will drop out of consideration for Trump’s cabinet.  Small investigations into the administration’s Russian connections will continue and will find more suspicious activity, but no hard evidence of illegal behavior.  The economy will continue to show small signs of improving for the next few months, then probably will take a hard turn for the worse.  All problems will be blamed on Obama, or the press.  


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