The Trump Majority?

There are a lot of reasons that the AHCA failed.  I’ve mentioned one or two.  A big one is the perception that extremist republicans sank it because it didn’t go far enough.  Remember, people believe their story over facts when the two are in dispute.  If this story is the one everyone believes, Trump will have a tough time of it.

Trump campaigned on doing things like a massive infrastructure bill, huge tax cuts, and, of course, healthcare reform.  All of which are going to be anathema to the most conservative republicans who, apparently, have the power to completely stop any legislation.  They seem to hate government spending, so infrastructure will be hard.  Any tax reforms that increase the deficit and debt may be nonstarters, due to the fact they want to balance the budget, which will be impossible with tax cuts.  And we’ve seen what happened to healthcare.  It should have been an easy one; they passed dozens of bills during Obama’s adminstration repealing it.  But apparently not.  This means the only way that Trump can get any of his real promises done before the midterm elections is to make alliances with at least 30 or so democrats in the House, and at least 8 in the Senate.  A Trump majority comprising both democrats and republicans.

Is this possible?  Sure.  This is a world where Trump is president; anything is possible.  And the rewards could potentially be profound.  Could you imagine a world where republicans and democrats got along?  But I’m not holding my breath.  Trump needs to overcome years of vicious hatred he’s been throwing at democrats.  Any time he extends an olive branch, which is something I have a hard time picturing, all democrats need to do is throw the Birther movement back into his face.  Add to that fact Trump has surrounded himself with people who stand against everything democrats say they stand for.  How can Trump reach out to democrats when all his advisors will be telling him they’re wrong and evil?

If this is the case, then we can look forward to a lot more dysfunction in the US government.  This isn’t my best case scenario, but it’s close.  


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