Sean Spicer

Short and sweet today.

What’s the deal with the press secretary?  Seriously.  It should be on page three of the press secretary manual to never bring up Hitler, unless you’re talking about George Hitler of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  And what on earth are Holocaust Centers?  What, was the rec center closed?  And this is hardly the first unforced error he’s committed.

I can’t help but think he is trying to get fired.  Maybe just on an unconscious level, but it seems to be there nonetheless.  I would rather be a septic tank technician than have his job.  Or be a hemophiliac knife sharpener.  Or be a horse trainer (I’m afraid of horses).  I could completely understand if he’s trying to get out.  I’ll bet that at least once a week he contemplates the career choices that led him to that podium.  Maybe this was his career goal for years, and now that he’s gotten it he’d rather be anywhere else.  Maybe he just fell into it, making the same mistake many did that Trump would become more presidential when he became president.  But if anyone is starting a pool as to who “resigns” from Trump’s administration next, put me down for Sean Spicer before the end of the month.


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