Trump’s Golf Game

I’ve had a discussion with several Trump detractors recently over his golf game.  In many ways, you can understand a great deal about our President by looking at his game, and our reaction to it.

The first thing to realize is that his supporters don’t realize he plays that much golf.  They think that Trump’s predecessor played more.  And Trump’s spokesman, Spicer, says that Trump gets a great deal done while playing, particularly meetings with Congressional and foreign leaders.  Let’s put a pin in that thought.

As I discussed Trump with his detractors, I found them to be slightly hypocritical.  They felt that he was golfing too much, and that when he was working he was doing things they disagreed with.  It is true that the American taxpayer, and future generations of taxpayers, are paying absurd amounts of money so an old, rich, white guy can play a game for old, rich, white guys.  And I can’t imagine how annoying it must be to the residents of Florida, and soon enough New Jersey, to deal with the airport traffic and road traffic that presidential golf trips force on them.  But still, I think I prefer him playing golf.

When Trump is golfing he’s not signing poorly thought out executive orders.  He’s not ordering airstrikes on countries that we probably shouldn’t be bombing.  He’s not tweeting, or appointing foxes to guard hen houses.  In short, his destruction is contained. Taken together with his base’s apparent sudden disinterest in presidential golf, and you have a win-win-win situation.  Trump gets to be president without having to actually do anything.  His base seems fine with it.  And his detractors keep him from exercising any responsibility.

In short, Trump needs to work on his game.  Let him figure out new and more efficient ways to cheat.  Let him find even more unflattering outfits to wear.  Honestly, if we’re going to have a President Trump, and I think most would agree that’s preferable to a President Pence, let’s keep him safely quarantined to the golf course.  Everyone is better off.


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