More Predictions

One of the key things that is very relevant to our world is how our president will react to things.  This is actually one of my easier predictions.  Basically, whatever happens, the president will call it a win.

This is easy to see.  Throughout Trump’s entire career regardless of what actually happens in a given situation he calls it a win.  He settles for 25 million dollars for his fraud of a university?  Win.  He declares bankruptcy a bunch of times?  Win.  He lost the popular vote.  Win.  Now, regardless of the reality of the situation, he declares it a victory.  With the electoral college he did actually win the election, but he also declared he won the popular vote.

This is going to have the effect of making people think he wins a lot more than he does.  Some of his wins will be real, therefore you’re more likely to believe that his failures are wins as well.  Trump is a top notch liar.  Even if you despise him, when he makes his pronouncements you can’t help but at least wonder if they’re true, even if they’re laughably false.

Whatever comes of the healthcare debacle Trump will call it a win.  He will say it accomplishes all his goals and does it beautifully.  Blatant, unrepentant lying is tough to combat.  All we can do is be aware of what he does, so we can develop some defense against it.


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