The FBI and Trump

I haven’t been writing as much here.  Even a guy like Trump has to take time off from doing bizarre and surreal things.  That means there’s less fodder for me.  But oh, how he’s made up for it.

Trump fired FBI director Comey.  The same guy who helped get Trump elected by dropping news about the investigation into Clinton.  The same guy who, apparently, personally informed Trump on three separate occasions that he wasn’t being investigated.  The same guy who Trump had publicly praised, many times.  So what happened and why?

There are a lot of articles exploring potential causes.  Comey was fired because he was unfair to Clinton.  He was fired because he refused to recommend prosectution.  He was fired because the FBI is still investigating Trump’s campaign’s Russia connections.  He was fired because he refused to say Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.  There are others.  I like those articles.  But they’re all incomplete.

Trump has a long history of shooting first and asking questions later.  I’ve mentioned his wall before.  The one Mexico is supposed to pay for.  Does anyone really believe this was a serious plan?  If that was anything other than a whim that went directly from his brain stem to his mouth without any filter whatsoever, I would be surprised.  My guess is that the first anyone heard of it was that speech.  Comey’s firing is the same.  Trump seems to feel he isn’t getting the respect or deference that he feels his presidency deserves.  A little ironic, given that he didn’t exactly give the previous president much respect.  We never did learn what his private investigators found out about Obama’s birth certificate, after all.  But he feels he needs to do things that will command respect.  Firing a powerful investigator is one way of doing that.  

All in all, it’s not a terrible plan.  He can point to all the democrat’s statements saying they didn’t trust Comey after publicly talking about the Clinton investigation.  He can throw the investigation into his campaign into disarray.  He can appoint someone who will be more worried about leaks than the illegal behavior the leaks inform us about.  But there are risks.  He can piss of the FBI agents actually investigating his campaign.  That won’t make them his friends.  He invites comparisons to Nixon, comparisons that I feel aren’t exactly accurate, as Nixon was still evil, but far more competent.  And we will get to see a very interesting and illuminating hunt for a new director.  

If I am quiet again for a little while, don’t worry.  Trump will soon do something completely off the wall and I’ll be compelled to write more.  That’s basically the only thing I can say with certainty about him.  


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