The Middle Eastern Trip

Trump is abroad, at the time of this writing.  Currently in Israel, after a short trip to Saudi Arabia.  His trip is going very well.  I’ve said before that the place that Trump could do the most good is foreign relations.  The presidency is designed so that it has control of most of our foreign policy, and Congress has control of most of our internal policy.  Trump’s skills make him very good at foreign relations.  Building relationships, giving speeches, designing photo opportunities, and creating a narrative that people will run with and encourage.  This is what made him so good on the campaign trail.  That said, it isn’t going perfectly.

He’s made a few blunders.  He misspoke during a speech. That isn’t the big deal. The big deal is that the White House attributes it to “exhaustion.”  That worries me. Not because I’m worried about his health. But more so that traveling doesn’t agree with him, but he’s getting a much better reception there than in the US, other than his rallies. So we have a guy who doesn’t do well traveling, but only receives the adulation he requires while traveling. It means he’s probably going to want to do it more, and is more likely to make stupid mistakes. 

This trip was planned over months. That’s one reason it’s going so well. If he just decides that his next trip will be in a week, it will be a disaster. Then the only way he can make a positive change will get screwed up as well. Here’s hoping that his hatred of travel outweighs his love of attention, so we can have some chance of some benefits from his presidency. 


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