Trump’s Supporters

My output has dropped off.  A good psychiatrist with an fMRI machine could probably tell me exactly why, but at least a part of it is that Trump is getting boring.  Another day, another mysoginistic tweet railing at problems he caused himself.  Honestly, it’s getting old.  We accept that our president is going to tweet what could generously be described as gibberish, and give it the attention is deserves.  But I do want to discuss his supporters a bit.

During the campaign, two types of people were attracted to Trump.  Those who liked what he campaigned on, and those that liked him.  There was overlap, but probably not as much as you think.  He campaigned aggressively on jobs and healthcare, and he made you think there were simple solutions to these problems, and others like them.  It’s a seductive message that appealed to a lot of people.  He’s also loud, impulsive, vaguely racist and mysoginistic.  There’s another, smaller group that’s attracted to this.  Now, about six months into his presidency, we’re starting to see who is who.

In terms of promises, Trump hasn’t done well.  Obamacare is still the law of the land.  He hasn’t labeled any countries currency manipulators, nor has he started any trade wars.  No wall.  No funding for a wall.  If you voted for him because he promised to never cut Medicaid, then you’re probably disappointed, as the bills he has supported promise to massively cut this popular, important program.  Here and there, we’re starting to see some people getting impatient that he hasn’t made any progress in his most important campaign promises.  His personality hasn’t changed, though.  He is still the old guy who watches TV then tweets about it.  He eats unhealthy food, doesn’t get enough sleep, and plays too much golf.  Some people like that.

His approval rating isn’t great.  Last I heard it was in the 30s.  It is probably close to its floor.  Those people who still approve of him are the people who like his personality.  Who think that someone who spends hours a day watching cable news, gloats about sexually assaulting women, and speaks with the vocabulary of a 2nd grader is the right person to be president.  If you’re wondering why Trump is in power, the reason is largely because of these people.  They like a bully, as long as he’s not bullying them.  They’re the ones ruining everything for the rest of us.  

More than half the population, as best I can tell, is comprised of good people.  We may differ on politics, and religion, and policies, and any number of other things, but we all have the same goals, and we all agree that the goals are more important than any of our beliefs.  But this core of Trump supporters, a larger group than you may expect, don’t agree.  They would rather burn the world than see someone else get their way.  The only solace I take is that the man they helped elect will push policies that will screw them.  I just wish they wouldn’t drag us all down with them.


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